Joseph G Kane Jr.
The Music Man!!!


Gosh how I miss you. You can't imagine. We talked almost every night, and now there is this empty void in my life. But it is the time when I can reflect on all the good conversations we had together. I cherish them so much. We talked about everything. Family, friends, jobs, likes, dislikes, webtv, and of course, HTML. You taught me so much. You gave me the confidence to forge ahead and do a homepage. Your praise was all I needed to keep going. I wanted you to be proud of me, and I hope you are.

When we first met on the web, I was so impressed with your love for your family. When you talked about Diane, your wife, and Hez and Joey, your children, you glowed with pride. I just knew that someone who loved their family like that couldn't be bad.

You introduced me to, where you were the DJ for the parties, and Diane was a regular poster.

I was so happy when we made plans to meet, in person, on Fathers Day. I couldn't wait to meet you and Diane. I was so excited.. I would finally get to meet you and your family. We planned on a Father's Day Dinner together at a resturant.

But that was not to be. In the early morning hours of June 10, 1998, Diane advised me that you had had a massive heart attack and had passed away. I was devistated. I could not believe it. How could this happen?

In the weeks and months that followed, I have realized that this did not just happen. This was God's Will and he is the only one who can Grant Us Salvation!! He gives life and he takes it away.

I know you are in heaven (and probably teaching HTML to the Angels) I also know that we will meet again.. Till then, have a good night tonight and a better day tomorrow. And Thank You, MY FRIEND.!!!! Nite, Nite!!


Thank you for being my friend
Thank you for believing in me when
I found it difficult to believe in myself...
for saying what I've needed to hear sometimes
instead of what I've wanted to hear....
for siding with me....
and for giving me another side to consider.

Thank you for opening yourself up to me....
for trusting me with your thoughts and disappointments and dreams...
and for asking my help when you've needed it.

Thank you for putting so much thought
and care and imagination into our friendship...
for sharing so many nice times
and making so many special memories with me.

Thank you for always being honest with me
being kind to me...
being there for me.
Thank you for being a friend to me
in so many meaningful ways.

by Larry S. Chengges

This is a tribute to MY FRIEND, JOE,
from all his friends.

~The Music Man~